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Our Mission is to bring you great Black Books!

The primary goal of Villarosa Media is to publish quality fiction and nonfiction books primarily by and about African Americans and the African diaspora in paper and e-book formats.

We will fill the gap resulting from the exit of mainstream publishing houses and provide readers access to excellent literature and provide authors an outlet and marketplace for them to publish their works.

Bridging the Gap Between Readers and Writers!

Featured Project

Praise for The Wind Is Spirit: The Life, Love and Legacy of Audre Lorde
“The saying, ‘our struggle is a struggle of memory against forgetting’ remains a clarion call for those of us working to keep alive the legacy of visionary Black women writers and thinkers. Among those, Audre Lorde deserves our constant remembrance, study, and critical attention. This anthology is awesome because unlike other biographical reminiscences, it offers a candid and holistic portrait of Audre Lorde. An amazing group of writers and thinkers have come together to speak in diverse voices about Lorde’s wisdom and magic. Prophetically, she called us all to break silences and to speak and so we lift our voices to honor, praise and remember.”
–bell hooks
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Gloria Naylor best known for writing "Women of Brewster Place" and "Mama"...

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