“Writers of Colour Pander to the White Woman” says Marlon James

Man Booker winner slams the publishing industry “If I pandered to a cultural tone set by white women, particularly older white female critics, I would have had 10 stories published by now.”

Marlon James

Marlon James, author of the award winning novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings” calls out the industry for what he describes as publishers pandering to white women in order to sell books. In a recent interview in The Guardian he talks about authors being pressured to write “astringent prose set in suburbia for an ‘archetype of the white woman,” and asks the question “where are the brown people?” James goes on to attribute this bias as cause for numerous rejections because his characters didn’t fit into tidy fictional stereotypes.  And although he specifically sites the lack of diversity in UK publishing, the same question could be asked in U.S.  Where are the black and brown people?  How are we represented and who is telling the breadth and depth of our stories?