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The primary goal of Villarosa Media is to publish quality fiction and nonfiction books primarily by and about African Americans and the African diaspora in paper and e-book formats.

We will fill the gap resulting from the exit of mainstream publishing houses and provide readers access to excellent literature and provide authors an outlet and marketplace for them to publish their works.

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Featured Project: "The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition"

Golddigger, nigger lover..those are some of the insults hurled at Iris in 1961 by the military brass when they grilled her about the relationship with Sue’s father. And when her dad Ray, a Black GI stationed in England, asked his superiors for permission to marry Sue’s mum, a white single mom from Liverpool, they asked him why he wanted to marry a whore with a bastard child. But they remained steadfast and married even though their interracial union wouldn't be fully recognized until 1967 when Richard and Mildred Loving would prevail and anti-miscegenation laws were abolished. Like the Lovings, her parents, Iris and Ray Green fought the courts and culture to stay together and raise a family. Read More
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Coming Soon!! The Marriage Battle: A Family Tradition
We are excited to announce our new book a memoir by Sue Green and Robin Phillips. It tells the story growing biracial as the child of a black GI and a white woman from the Liverpool. Growing up, Sue and her family faced discrimination during their military postings both at home and abroad.
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Sue also tells of her struggle to heel from sexual abuse, embrace her sexuality and ultimately find love. Her story and the battle to marry her wife runs parallel to her mother and father's story and their fight for the right to wed because when they tied the knot interracial marriage was illegal many states in the US.

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Gloria Naylor best known for writing "Women of Brewster Place" and "Mama"...

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